The Project

In 2012, EMU organized EMU Nights to bring late-night programming and life back to the center of campus. The programming is multifaceted and includes a movies series (Ducks After Dark), live music, games, and Pub Nights that occur after 5pm on Thursdays. The introduction of Pub Nights is especially noteworthy because beer and wine had not been available on campus for over 20 years.

We worked with the committee to create a print and social media campaign to attract all students on and off-campus. Each EMU Nights has its own theme (Western, Hawaiian, etc.) presenting the challenge of a designing a brand that was cohesive but flexible for ever-changing content. Our designer Bryan Schuldt came up with the adaptable hexagon design template that could be replicated over several media platforms and potentially be used for coasters, buttons, and other print ephemera.

The Deliverables

  • Print Design
  • Social Media

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