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Michelle Knight

Happy Mahalo-days!

Wrap up your holiday season with Mahalo-Marcus downloadable wrapping paper! Download and print Marcus Mariota inspired wrapping paper.

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Tommy Treadway

My time with EMU Marketing

My name is Tommy Treadway, and although it makes me extremely sad, my time as a Designer here at EMU Marketing is finally coming to close. I wanted to share a little bit about my experience here, and how big of an impact it has had on my time here at the UO. Prior to […]

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Brooke Eisen

Erb Memorial Union Documentary

In the early 1950s, the saying was “meet me at the SU” – a reference to the Erb Memorial Union. That’s also the title of our documentary on the history of the Erb Memorial Union. Our film features interviews with Oregon alumni representing generations of students dating to 1945. Our film covers the 25-year struggle […]

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